New Version of Portal – Modeling Tools, Companies, shared Generators, shared Projects and SEO

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New Version of Portal

On 25th of June a new version of the Virtual Developer Portal has been released. The most significant new portal features are:




– MODELING TOOLS: A provider of generators now can explicitely assign modeling tools to a generator. This information is shown in the generator catalog and generator details page. With this, a user can more easily identify generators that are of interest for her.



– SEO: The information about the modeling tool is also used to improve SEO for pages that can be seen without being logged on. Also, the structure of the URLs that point to such pages has been changed to get a better SEO result. Our SEO goal is to make the generator details page to be in the top three result for Google and Bing when somebody searches for a specific code generator.



– COMPANIES: A user can now create a new company on the platform. A company then is going to be checked by a platform administrator and on success gets the new status „CONFIRMED“. The company data is the basis for the billing and pricing functionality, which will be part of the next portal release.



– SHARED PROJECTS: Someone who created a generation project can now invite other users to join her project. Doing so, the invited person will see the project in her cloud connector and be able to use it for code generation. For generators where users have to pay a fee, it will be the project owner’s company that has to pay for the generator usage.



– SHARED GENERATORS: Providers of generators now can configure a set of email addresses for users that are allowed to use a generator. This way a provider can limit the access of generators for beta tests or for generators that are specifically developed for a small group of users (e.g. inside a company).



Marcus Munzert
Marcus Munzert
Marcus Munzert ist geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der Generative Software GmbH. Seit 1998 entwickelt er mit Java und ist ein überzeugter Nutzer von Java/Jakarta EE und OSGi. Er ist seit 2002 auf die modellgetriebene Entwicklung spezialisiert und verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung als Software-Architekt, Berater, Entwickler, Projektleiter, Trainer und Qualitätsmanager.
New Version of Portal – Modeling Tools, Companies, shared Generators, shared Projects and SEO
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